Xperience by Rajiv Parekh

Over the course of the past few years in practice, Rajiv has lead the team at reD to work in a process-oriented approach towards design, striving to achieve design excellence through meticulous research and experimentation. He ensures that the team at reD aims at design innovation and partnerships that enrich the creative process. A consistent approach involving dialogue, debate and discussion.

Rajiv’s constant endeavour in the design profession is to evolve with each project to ensure using newer methods combined with artisanal craftsmanship to create unique experiences and thought provoking spaces.

Over time he has developed an expertise in construction techniques and intricate detailing, be it for a 100-acre institutional/residential mix use campus or the assembly of an intricate pivot hinge for a door. He is prone to questioning all aspects of any design and is determined to work through the issues related to realization of the design intent.

His love for the physical act of creating led him to become a part of a furniture production unit (www.craftreD.com) where he spends his Sunday’s obsessing over the details to bring to life ideas/products by other design professionals. He uses this facility to engage with various craftsmen, carpenters, metal casting workers, Glass blowers and tailors to help him learn from them allowing his design ideas to be fueled by practical knowledge acquired over generations.

Diversity has always been Rajiv’s forte, bringing to the practice fresh new avenues to allow for the design ideology to flourish. The range of projects that reD is working on is a clear indication of that. He has been on numerous design award juries, panel discussions, and academic juries, all in an attempt to satiate his hunger for deeper design discourse.

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