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If one were to chronicle the history of architecture and design world, it would be filled with examples of scions following their parents to the family business. Young scions of A&D business groups are raring to continue the legacy businesses by themselves with the twist of their own style. They have the brains and DNA.  The next generation has new ideas and they are pushing and expanding frontiers.

Thus, we at The ET Edge bring to you TOI DesigNXT – Legacy Forward, a series of engaging vodcasts or video series that will bring together the next generation of architects and designers taking the baton from their architectural families and highlighting the differences in designs over decades. This series shall shed light on the juxtaposition of perspectives on breathing life into an old structure. An established architect as well as a young and upcoming architect will present their respective approaches on decoding the last decade in the A&D space along with what are the most successful and sustainable future trends look like.

We wish to help bridge the gap between the ever-changing requirements of the industry veterans and how brands can further catalyze this metamorphosis through thought-provoking discussions.

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