Architecture can shape lives, to affect the environment, to transform the imagination and to inspire great feats of human achievement. It is not merely the act of designing an edifice, but also about engineering the lives that will eventually function within them. From structure and processes to materials and aesthetics, today architecture demands greater inventiveness while being mindful of the environment as well as the cultural context within which each building exists.

According to a report by ‘New World Wealth’, India will have 950,000 millionaires by 2027, an increase by almost 190% from 330,000 last year. With this current trend of rise of high net worth individuals, higher disposable income and change in lifestyle, India has emerged as one of the fastest growing design led architecture market in the world.

As environments evolve and change the shape of living by the minute, it demands A&D fraternity to formulate new ways to harness and channel that change. Nonetheless, the world’s leading architects and designers, created on the classic principles of brand building are not only moving with the change but are also creating the change; influencing rather than being influenced; acting rather than reacting; evolving rather than stationary.

However, to meet the changing dynamics of the architecture and design world and to understand the millennial mindset we need similar mindset. Thus, young scions with inherited surnames and wealth are stepping out of their family shadows, be it for reasons of pull or push, to strike out on their own and continue the legacy of their family owned businesses with their innovative and unique thinking. These young scions are marking their footprints on this world to be unforgettable. They are driving to be on the top through their rich sensibilities and cultural codes, which truly espouse a 360-degree approach to the values of innovation.