The Elements

Join us to witness conversations with provocative speakers, live competitions, exhibitions, professional development sessions, experience zones, and face-to-face round tables with design heroes. The two-day extravaganza also promises lunches hosted by culinary leaders from across the globe, trendy cocktail dinners and exclusively curated high-teas offering an unparalleled luxury experience at Hotel Taj Palace, New Delhi.

The Five Senses and Design

Design runs right through art, craft, and architecture and is the common denominator. It is everywhere, in made and unmade objects, whether natural or hewn by the human hand. Craft is the instrument that allows this vision to be completed. Art is also an intellectual pursuit and concepts fall under art.

Architecture is an umbrella under which these elements are fitted in. They are all expressions of human creativity, pleasing to all our senses that evoke emotions in us for their beauty, intricate and varied design, splendor, and fine workmanship.

India is a country with a wealth of culture and heritage- both tangible and intangible. It is a country where the five senses of sight, smell, sound, taste and touch are celebrated in every part of this composite, syncretic and multi-cultural sub-continent. Our recorded and oral histories of five millennia are replete with countless accounts of these celebrations.

TOI Design X will be a themed and microcosmic celebration of the FIVE SENSES through visual displays of the best of Indian design, Indian Art and Indian Crafts; of the aromas of its perfumes, unguents, Attar (Indian perfume) and its aromatic spices; its sounds; and through the taste of its cuisines; and its various tactile experiences.

Key Sessions Based on the 5 Senses

Design for Designers

Featuring exciting, exclusive content for professional practitioners and experts within the fields of architecture and design, this segment will offer greater insight for those in the know. From architectural photography to light design, professionals can discover new and intriguing aspects of their specialization.

Design for All

From the many interpretations and impact of colour to curated content on interiors, this segment will give design lovers a glimpse into design thinking.

Beyond Design

Good design is not limited to spaces. From the fragrances we wear to how we pair our wines or design the courses of a meal for maximum pleasure, design thinking extends to every aspect of our lives. Explore a world of luxurious designer experiences with Beyond Design.