The Vision

“A thematic and microcosmic celebration of the five senses through beauteous visual displays. Music | Talks | Cuisines | Fragrances | Tactile Experiences. This festival will be an exploration of the five elements, which are the basis of all cosmic creation. Every viewer will have the opportunity to witness the significance of the ‘Panch Dhatu’, the five metal alloy which symbolizes strength and power, as much as compassion.”

Chief Curator, DesignX

A festival of unparalleled luxury, that promises to be a sensory and evocative experience. The capital city is set for Design X, a visionary showcasing of design so exquisite and rare for the passionate lover of art, craft, and architecture. To be exclusively curated by the doyens of the design industry, it will be a one-stop show for industry stalwarts, renowned personalities, prominent and upcoming professionals in the field of design and architecture and the high patrons of art and architecture. This will provide an extraordinary opportunity to engage with an elite audience witnessed never before in the city.