09:45 - 09.55 Registration
09.55 - 10.00 Opening Remarks By ET Edge
10.00 - 10.15 Chief Guest / Guest of Honor Address - Changing Landscape of Building Cities for People
10.20 - 10.30

Keynote Address 1- Embracing the Change - Redefining Smart In A Pandemic Driven World

Jeanne Holm - Deputy Mayor for Budget and Innovation, City of Los Angeles

10.35 - 10.55 Fireside Chat - Re-thinking Smart - Has the Smart Home Market Matured in India?
  A smart home is the concept of the western world in India. Struggling to accept the concept of home automation, it is still viewed as an object of luxury. With the rise in the millennial and Genz generation and their need for comfort and ease, the market for smart homes in metro cities looks encouraging, but would it be easy with limited scope?
  • How technology is disrupting homes
  • How user-centric are smart homes?
  • Wireless technologies for smart homes in India
  • Advancement in home control systems
  • Application of robotics in household tasks
  • Affordable Home automation and security
  • A pocket-friendly sustainable touch

Ar. Leena Kumar - Chairperson, The Indian Institute of Architects - Karnataka Chapter & Principal, Kumar Consultants

Anil Bhaskaran - Chief Architect and Urban Planner, Managing Director, IDEA Centre Architects Pvt Ltd

11.00 - 11.15 Case Study 1
11.20 - 12.05 Panel Session 1 - Connected Living With Connected Devices
  Everything is getting a digital upgrade from cooking to security to health, entertainment as well as sleep. New technologies such as Voice Activated-Devices, Robot Cleaners,Internet Of Things Sensors etc are transforming our living spaces. This session talks about the rising need of smart devices and its emotional connection with us.
  • Intelligent Kitchen appliances
  • Smart Furniture and Trash cans
  • Tech in health and wellness
  • Ease in availability of installation solutions
  • Hesitance on technology dependency in India
12.10 - 12.20 Case Study 2
12.25 - 12.35 Keynote Address 2 - Intelligent Building Automation : Defining Safety and Efficiency of Smart Buildings in the “New Normal”
12.40 - 13.00 Fireside Chat - Smart Buildings - Bringing Together Tech And Design For A Smartly Safe Workplace
  Owing to the pandemic, employers today have many concerns varying from access to the workplace to employee physical distancing and the use of infrared lights to kill off germs. Can technology make workplaces smarter to cater to the realities of the new normal?
  • 5G -  New Feather in the cap of smart building technologies
  • Adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR)/(AR) 
  • Flexible and Co-working spaces
  • Intelligent Building Management Systems
  • Leveraging big data and IoT to make critical decisions
  • Smart lighting & ventilation
  • Real time energy consumption monitoring for a sustainable workspace

Utkarsh Kawatra - Co-Founder, myHQ
Amit Ramani - CEO & Founder, Awfis

13.05 - 13.20 Case Study 3
13.25 - 14.10 Panel Session 2 - Navigating Public Infrastructure Planning & Design On A Connected Clean Technology Base
  The internet of things is spreading not just into homes, it is also grasping hotel rooms, malls, and healthcare. From access to streaming services, everything is increasingly transforming to digital. This session emphasizes the future roadmap of implementing innovative solutions for climate-sensitive urban development.
  • Smart parking spaces and solutions
  • Evolution of Customer Experience and self service
  • Opportunities in commercial real estate
  • Robots in hospitality
  • Mobile hotels & pods
  • Intelligent stations – Opportunities in smart station management
  • Traffic Management in smart cities
  • Ticketless public transport & digital identity
  • Smart public infrastructure
  • E-mobility and smart energy

Piero Pelizzaro - Chief Resilience Officer,City of Milan
Vishal Singh - Municipal Commissioner- Ayodhya,Vice Chairman - Ayodhya Development Authority

Mili Majumdar - Managing Director, Green Business Certification Institute Pvt Ltd, India and Senior Vice President, U.S. Green Building Council

14.15 - 14.25

Keynote Address 3-  Smart City 2.0 : Reshaping Cities by Integrating AI & IoT

Emily Yates - Smart City Director, Innovation Management | Office of Innovation & Technology,City of Philadelphia

14.30 - 14.45 Interview - Contouring From Smart to Sustainably Smart Cities
  It is an excellent time to reflect on where we were yesterday, where we are today, and where we are going be tomorrow when it comes to smart cities. So how we can make cities and places smarter keeping the current situation in mind? This session focuses on how disruptive technologies and innovations are driving smart transformation.
  • Evaluating the impact of pandemic on operations, projects and investments
  • Public & Private Sector Collaboration to leverage modernization opportunities
  • Opportunities with the emergence of 5G
  • Wireless power transfer
  • Shift toward circular approach
  • Electrified vehicles, Intelligent transportation system & its implementation
  • Use of smart materials in construction
  • smart city surveillance

Jeff Merritt - Head of IoT & Urban Transformation, World Economic Forum

14.50 - 15.00 Closing Keynote Address - Projects and Smart City applications : The Way Forward

Shri Kunal Kumar - Joint Secretary & Mission Director (Smart Cities Mission), Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Government of India

  Close of the Conference